AMD Ryzen vs Intel Price compare in South Africa - AMD`s Ryzen Cpu`s are finaly for sale in South Africa. The new offering for team Red is very cost compedative with Intel`s offerings. Here is a table for Cost to Perfomce AMD Processor AMD Passmark AMD Price Intel Processor Intel Passmark Intel Price AMD Ryzen 3 1200  7,131 R1733.00  Core I3-7100  5,893  R1796.00 AMD Ryzen […]
Intel`s new Core I7-8700K - Intel`s new Core I7-8700K was benchmarked by a sneaky YouTuber on Saturday 09/09/2017 and the results were very underwhelming.   As you can see by this Cinebench score the Multi-threaded performance from Intel’s new processor is performing Far below AMD`s Ryzen 7 Processor with should be about the same price when they realise here in […]